A Website Reflecting Kempston’s History

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4 thoughts on “A Website Reflecting Kempston’s History

  1. David Simms

    Such a shame when the original website crashed due to overload!! But hey, here’s an even better, more informative website in its place! Well done to everyone involved. I DO hope the information held on here is also held up somewhere as a back-up for the future.
    This ‘great gift’ for future Kempstonians can’t be allowed to be lost for future generations (-:

  2. David Simms

    Fantastic to read Doug Rowland’s story re Alf Gillett in his ‘Chin and Alf’ memories tale.
    I remember Alf well bless him. I used to light his fag outside the Bedford arms when I came out of Bedford road school……. any one who remebers Alf will be warmed by doug’s tale!!

  3. Robert Mundy

    I too remember Alf. We would see him around Kempston and often light his ciggy for him and stick it in his ciggy holder, then carefully place it between his fingers so he could get it up to his lips. I think seeing Alf when I was about twelve years old, and helping him like this gave me an understanding of disabled people. My wife and I are still involved with people with learning difficulties in our home town.
    I once gave Alf a few cabbage plants from our garden, ( he was looking over the fence from the footpath than ran along the back of our house) and a few wekks later, the next time I saw him, he made gestures towards his pocket on his waistcoat. He wanted me to feel inside where I found a shilling, nothing else, and after a short while I realised he wanted me to have it. Must have been for the cabbages! We liked seeing Alf around and we always stopped for a chat, although Alf could not really talk we always knew what he was talking about!
    Happy days!

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