The Howard Grave

The Howard grave in Kempston cemetery
One of Kempstons greatest benefactors was Mary Howard who in the middle of the last century bequeathed the Grange and its parkland to the people of Kempston in memory of her son Addison who was killed at the age of 23 in the First World War. The Howard family of which she was the last of her line have a family grave in Kempston cemetery but because of the lack of successors this has become neglected and has succumbed to the soiling and deterioration of time. With the permission of the authorities Kempston Local History Society have undertaken to clean up the Howard grave and restore it to a condition that reflects the respect thought due. Mindful that improper cleaning methods or materials can have an adverse effect on monuments the Society has researched the measures needed to carry out the task and on Monday 20th June proceeded to clean a small sample area of the stonework. Three members, Brian Lawson, Jackie Horn and Peter Horn armed with suitable materials worked on a small area of marble at the lower rear of the plinth. After a suitable time the area will be inspected and if no adverse effects are seen the process of cleaning the whole monument will be started. Meanwhile research is still going on to determine the most suitable way in which some of the damaged inlaid lead lettering can be repaired.
Brian Lawson