Malcolm Dallrymple: Kempston’s own Olympian!

Malcolm ‘Dally’ Dallrymple was at times, a local police officer, and later, the groundsman at the Kempston police headquarters. He was also responsible for the upkeep of Kempston Grange when he retired.
In earlier years as a young apprentice at the now-demolished WH Allen factory in Queen’s park, he had followed a keen interest in athletics and was an accomplished javelin thrower.

Malcolm Dallrymple - Kempston's Olympian
Malcolm Dallrymple – Kempston’s Own Olympian
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 His dedication was soon to be rewarded when he was selected to represent Great Britain in the 1948 London Olympics, after sacrificing his lunch period at the factory to practice his javelin technique in the fields close to the factory throwing suitable lengths of piping.
Unfortunately, Malcolm fell ill in 2008 and passed away in November at a time when he was looking forward to the 2012 Olympic games in London where as a past competitor, he had been due to take part in a veterans reunion.
At his funeral, the flowers were arranged in the shape of the Olympic rings and special permission was granted for the Olympic hymn to be included in the service. Earlier in the year, Malcolm had recorded a BBC interview for a ‘sporting heroes’ DVD where he recalled his experiences as a member of the British Olympic squad at a time when sport sponsorship was a far-distant concept, and sportsmen and women were expected to fund their own equipment (or in Malcolm’s case, improvise), and find time to train when employers were far less sympathetic to the needs of athletes.During the interview, Malcolm wore his prized GB Olympic team blazer that still fitted him perfectly after 60 years. Further information about Malcolm Dallrymple can be found here.

David Simms