Robert Mundy’s Grandmother

My grandmother used to live in one of the prefabs in Harter Road. A bit like an up market garden shed, it was very cosy inside. It had a little bit of garden where her neighbour would come in and grow a few veg and flowers. My nan and her husband, Arthur, were married in 1919, when he was discharged from the army at Kempston. He worked for the rest of his life in the foundry at Brittania Iron and Steel. My mother was born in 1921 in the thatched cottage they lived in in Woburn Road, almost opposite The Duke pub. Then as the family grew, they got a council house at no. 1 Dudley Close. My grandad died in 1939 but nan stayed on in Dudley Close until she moved to Harter Road in about 1965. She then moved into a little flat at 116 Williamson Road, where she stayed untill her death in 1971. She never re-married.

Robert Mundy