How Kempston was spelt in earlier times

Kempston was an ancient parish in the Redbornstoke Hundred.

In 1896 the civil parish was divided into two Kempston Urban District, now simply called Kempston, and the civil parish of Kempston Rural.

The name was first recorded in 1060 as Kemestan and has had a bewildering number of variations over the years including: Coembestun (1350); Cæmbestune (1077); Camestone (1086-1200); Canbestuna (1124-1128); Kembeston (1176-1325); Kemeston (1189-1332); Kamistuna (1195); Camestun (1195); Chemiston (1199); Cemeston (1199); Cambesdon and Kimbeston (1201); Cambeston (1236); Kemston (1236-1349); Kembestun (1237-1253); Kemestun (1241); Kemyston (1242); Kempeston (1276-1306); Kemmeston (1276); Camston (1328); and Cameston (1332). The modern form of the name first appears in 1247; the name appears to mean homestead on the bend (the great bend taken by the River Great Ouse).