The Avenue of Trees

In the very early sixties the Council approached Mr Clifford Squire Hayne who owned the nurseries at Green End Road (C.Cook & Co) to supply and plant an avenue of lime and flowering cherry trees from the East Gate to the main house.

I was about eighteen years old at the time. Between us we spent about two weeks doing this, watched by a donkey in the field where the Addison Centre is now.

I measured and got all the tree stakes and ties ready while Clifford dug every hole by hand. It took us all day non stop. We were always ready for our cup of tea when we got back to the nursery.

The trees were planted in memory of Mr Saunders who, I think, owned the leather factory.

I drove along the avenue last week and most of the limes are still there, but I only saw one cherry that I’m sure is one of the original.

Barbara J. Anderson